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Our engagements :

  • To welcome in its training the public recognized as disabled, the injured at work whose permanent incapacity is at least equal to 10%, the holders of an invalidity pension, the holders of a Disabled Adult's Allowance (AAH) , holders of a disability card without discrimination if their disability is compatible with the practice of the trade.

  • Implement, according to the needs of people with disabilities, all the educational, material and organizational adaptations necessary to take disability into account.

  • An exchange will allow the trainer to specify to the future trainee the adaptations and the aids from which he may benefit during his training. She will set with him the terms of the proposed support, so as to anticipate any difficulties and avoid ruptures.

    1. Validation of entry into training:

    The training organization will confirm the entry into training to the candidate or notify him of the reasons for refusal, in order to allow the development of a new project.

2. Implementation of the training:

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

After the assessment of the person's needs, the trainer ensures the feasibility of organizational adaptations (schedule, rhythms, etc.), material (individual technical aids, etc.) and teaching (reinforcement, modularization ...) allowing the integration of the disabled person and taking into account the specificity of his disability. An individualized training course can thus be offered to the disabled person.